A Match Bonus, as the name already implies, will match the deposit with a certain percentage of the total deposit

A Match Bonus, as the name already implies, will match the deposit with a certain percentage of the total deposit

A Match Bonus, as the name already implies, will match the deposit with a certain percentage of the total deposit

For example, A casino offers a 100% match bonus, up to €200. This means that the player will get 100% on any deposit amount made up to €200. Generally speaking, Match Bonuses are offered to new players who make their very first deposit at an online casino, but they can be applied to returning players as well. Essentially, a Match Bonus is free money – but of course, it relies very much on a player’s commitment. A player has to dedicate money to the online casino first, and then the online casino might offer them a matching bonus.


Cashback isn’t normally offered to new players at an online casino (although there are some exceptions) as it’s normally used as part of a loyalty or VIP program. Cashback, as the name suggests, simply means that a casino refunds you, the player, a certain amount of money which correlates to the amount of money you wager/stake. Generally, casinos only offer cashback on losses, which means that if you win, you won’t be eligible for cashback.

For example, whenever you place a real money wager at an online casino offering cashback and lose, a small percentage of that wager will be added to your ‘cashback’ balance. Usually, most online casinos award you with cashback at the end of every week or month. Depending on the terms and conditions of the casino, you can either withdraw your cashback into your bank account or play with it as bonus funds.

It’s important to note that many casinos mastercard casino online canada won’t offer cashback to all players; often, you’ll find that it’s only offered to players who’ve been playing at a site for a long period of time. It’s common for VIP or Loyalty programs to make up part of a cashback program, and sometimes the percentage of cashback you’re eligible to claim increases the more you play at the casino.

Reload Bonus

We’ve already touched, briefly, on reload bonuses, but now we’re going to be talking about them in more depth, looking at what they are and how they work. So, what is a reload bonus? Well, in short, it’s much like a matched deposit bonus – except the percentage of the reload bonus is usually less than 100%.

Also worth noting is the fact that a reload bonus is generally only available to existing customers – that is, players who already hold an account at an online casino and are regular players. Sometimes, reload bonuses come with special terms and conditions; for example, they ount of money within a given time frame, or they may be used as an incentive if you haven’t played for a while.

Assuming that most reload bonuses are delivered in the form of a 50% matched deposit bonus, this means that if you made a deposit of ?50 and chose to claim a reload bonus, your account would be credited with ?150.

As reload bonuses tend to be geared towards more active, regular players, the wagering requirements are often significantly lower than conventional matched deposit bonuses. For example, while many new-player matched deposit bonuses may have wagering requirements of around 40X, reload bonuses typically have wagering requirements of around 20X; this means it’s easier to convert your bonus funds into real, withdrawable cash, meaning you have a better chance of actually being able to make a withdrawal!

As UK online gambling regulation dictates that bonus funds must be separate from your cash balance, there’s really no reason not to claim a reload bonus when you’re offered one. First, you play with your cash balance; you can withdraw it right away if you manage to hit a nice win.

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