Another renowned piece of Colombian headgear, Aguadeno caps are commonly donned by growers from the Java Axis

Another renowned piece of Colombian headgear, Aguadeno caps are commonly donned by growers from the Java Axis

Another renowned piece of Colombian headgear, Aguadeno caps are commonly donned by growers from the Java Axis

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six. Aguadeno cap

This prominent structure is actually a specialized craft you to definitely is one of the city of Aguadas, discover cuatro hours southern out-of Medellin by-road.

Aguadenos (the name of your cap originates from the town) shade their records returning to new 1870s. Woven from milk-colored Iraca palm, he or she is splendidly formed and will either enjoys an extensive brim otherwise an inferior brim that is much like a classic Panama hat. Both are through with a dark leather-based otherwise cloth ring.

This type of limits was higher-high quality – awesome okay and you will flaccid. Once you see her or him close up, you’ll observe there is not a soluble fiber out of place.

Wade directly to the source in Aguadas to acquire a unique off a family group-work on Aguadeno working area, otherwise watch out for this label in stores up to Antioquia and you will the rest regarding Colombia.

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seven. Filigree jewellery out of Mompox

Santa Cruz de- Mompox try a tiny urban area inside the north Colombia’s Bolivar Service, to 275 km inland out-of Cartagena. A beneficial UNESCO World Community Web site because 1995, Mompox is renowned for several things: To start with, it’s really-preserved colonial buildings, and furthermore their way of living of filigree.

Filigree is actually a great metalwork method where littlest items of silver and you can silver wire try spent some time working towards the elaborate activities. We first spotted filigree actually in operation when you look at the Prizren within the Kosovo – it’s difficult so you’re able to overstate just how much attention to detail and you may precision it requires.

Mompox’s filigree courses date back to your 16th century when artisan guilds was indeed earliest established in the fresh vent town and silver became more quickly available. Artists received into the experiences out of local goldsmiths, Arabic processes discovered regarding the Language conquistadors and ancestral actions produced by the African submissives to manufacture their style of filigree. Ultra-fine and you will laden with spiralling shapes, it is well known through the Colombia while the industry.

Discover all types of sensitive and beautiful filigree jewellery from Mompox, also pendants, earrings and you may brooches. Silver is far more common than silver now.

8. Clay ceramic out of Raquira

Only more than 3 occasions by-road away from Colombia’s resource city, Bogota, the metropolis of Raquira is actually a well-known day trip interest. Intend to go to towards the a week-end when the town’s greatest industry occurs.

The object to order for the Raquira into one day of the newest few days are clay ceramic. Raquira literally function ‘Town of Pots’ about local Chibcha vocabulary – and that is all you genuinely wish to know!

Courses and best legit hookup sites you may ceramic wheels line all the highway into the Raquira. Red-clay ceramic done in the brand new north Andean style is the fresh new specialization right here. Men is also shop a giant variety of homewares, ics and my personal favourite, clay wind chimes one sing a gorgeous dulcet tune.

nine. Black ceramics out of La Chamba

Discover 170 kilometer out of Bogota inside the only the opposite assistance, the town of Los angeles Chamba for the Tolima also has steeped ceramic way of life. However, as you care able to see, the newest completed product is completely different throughout the red-clay earthenware built in Raquira.

The wonderful matte black colored find yourself to your conventional La Chamba ceramics comes in the shooting and brick-smoothing process, something that musicians was in fact attempting to refine more than generations. Family members workshops use micaceous clay acquired on the close Magdalena Lake, very these ceramics are it’s local.

Unlike Raquira in which patterns had been modified to own travelers, Los angeles Chamba pottery is far more utilitarian and real to help you their construction root. Forms you to definitely started toward local Poinco individuals endure to that particular date. Unlike ceremonial boats, La Chamba musicians and artists interest standard cooking utensils: Short bins for cooking and you can helping beans, casserole pans, and you will comals to have tortillas.

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